Kasabi, Talis’s linked data marketplace is now in public beta. Leigh Dodds, who will be presenting Kasabi at SemTech, wrote on the project blog, “This morning we’ve rolled out a new openly accessible version of the site which is at beta.kasabi.com. As a key milestone for the public beta, we’ve added the ability to create and publish your own datasets. Any registered user can now create and publish new datasets and APIs. Signing up to use an API on any dataset is a really simple click-through process.”

Dodds also include a list of key features available during the beta: “Free RDF data hosting. Free Linked Data publishing under data.kasabi.com. Search and browse to find datasets of interest. Ability to add and configure basic branding, overview documentation and developer guides for every published dataset. Create and configure datasets and APIs in “draft” status before publishing them for wider use. Machine-readable views of dataset metadata, including pointers to APIs to allow boot-strapping of clients. Standard set of APIs for every dataset, including support for the Google Refine Reconcilation API. Data management APIs for populating and managing a dataset, including support for importing RDFa into a dataset. User created APIs via SPARQL Stored Procedures and the Linked Data API. Experimental API Explorer to quickly allow you to get hands-on with the data. Ability for users to document and share SPARQL queries for SPARQL endpoints, lowering barrier to entry.”

Dodds noted, “With the public beta we’ve also brought a number of new datasets to the Linked Data cloud. This includes data from English Heritage, the Prelinger Archives, the Foodista wiki and (my favourite!) the Bricklink Lego parts database! Data hosting and publishing will be a free aspect of Kasabi. Our business model will be largely based around transactional charging for premium services and high-volume use of data. Our goal is to bring some sustainability to the publishing and use of both free and commercial datasets.”

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Image: Courtesy Talis