Our own Jennifer Zaino recently reported that semantic social web application Twitris, a program at Wright State University, was tackling coverage of the Occupy Wall Street movement as well as the presidential election. Now Twitris will be busier than ever: “Wright State University has been assigned a patent for core analysis methods used by the Twitris system.”

The article states, “Twitris was developed at Kno.e.sis, the Ohio Center of Excellence in Knowledge-enabled Computing. The patent, titled “Methods and Systems for Analysis of Real-time User-generated Text Messages,” lists Amit Sheth, Kno.e.sis director, as co-inventor with Kno.e.sis alumni Karthik Gomadam and Meenakshi Nagarajan. Sheth is also the LexisNexis Ohio Eminent Scholar and professor in the Wright State College of Engineering and Computer Science.”

It notes, “Twitris is a Web 3.0 or semantic web application designed to draw meaningful insight on emergencies and other major events from hundreds of thousands of public messages as they are posted on the Internet via Twitter and other social media sites. The results could influence emergency aid organizations and others. For example, when an earthquake struck Japan, people used social media and text messaging to coordinate relief efforts and report conditions.”

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Image: Courtesy Twitris