Darrell Etherington of Tech Crunch recently reported, “After a successful pilot project, Tel Aviv startup Jinni [a company we have covered multiple times over recent years], a provider of natural language processing-based video content recommendations, has been chosen by Xbox to power its Xbox content catalog recommendations over the course of a multi-year licensing agreement. Jinni wouldn’t reveal the terms of the deal, but it will bring their tech front and center to the Xbox and its show and movie library.”

He continued, “Jinni works by categorizing movies according to their ‘genes,’ metadata which the service’s proprietary ‘Entertainment Genome’ tech ascribes to film and video content based on mood, style, plot, setting and more that adds depth to the typical discussion of genre and broad categories. New movies get indexed automatically when released, with Jinni combing user reviews and sympses found on the web and parsing out the relevant data needed to build a kind of virtual genetic code for each. You can see Jinni’s engine at work on its website here.”

He added, “In its Xbox incarnation, Jinni’s service will use the existing data it gathers from web sources with signals from Xbox users, like Microsoft’s Conversational Understanding technology, which allows computer systems to interact with users with a near-human degree of understanding via speech. This is key to Microsoft’s Kinect goals, and should help Xbox users find new video content in the most natural way possible using speech interface.”

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Image: Courtesy Jinni